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3D Rendering & Animation

For small & medium size projects

Construction Project


Floor Plan & Interior


Cafe Interior


For Construction Companies

Using 3D animation to show your work plans to your clients, help them to understand your process quicker thru visualization without too much explanation

For Individuals

Visualization before starting to build your own apartment, house, or small business such as coffee shop, restaurants, hair salons, etc. 

For Documentary Film Makers

It can give a simple and easy explanation of how something is built, how it works, and what is inside, especially at the spot that is not visible to normal camera. 

For Real Estate Businesses

You can use 3D renderings as a showcase to your clients and advertise your rental apartments or properties for sale.  

3d living studio - bridge 3_edited_edite

3D Rendering Services


For the overview of a construction project that you need an animated documentation such as building, bridge, road, etc.


Open up view of the inside of vehicles, ships, machines, etc.

Floor Plan and Interior 

For planning an interior space and decoration such as your own apartment, house or small business


For the outside preview of your house, cabin, small business exterior

How to start a 3D rendering project
Price agreement 1.png

Send plans, images & get quotes

Review sample and approval

Modeling & Rendering

Products Delivered & Make Payment

Payment can be splitted into multiple installments and pay as each part of the work is delivered.  Payment will be made using Stripe


At this moment 3D Living Studio only accepts small to medium size projects. Best fit if you are an individual, small business owner, an apartment rental business, or a documentary filmmaker.

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