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Frequent Asked Questions

What is the resolution of your final render?

We provide Full HD resolution for each final render.  We also have option to upgrade to 4k for printing at an additional cost.  

What file format shall I receive for final project?

You will receive final product in JPEG format for web.  Higher resolution in PDF file for printing purpose.

What payment method do you accept?

We process payment via Stripe.  We accept most credit & debit cards.    

How do I make an order?

First, you will send us an inquiry with details of your floor plans, including printing on floor plan in black and white and pictures of your interior (pdf, jpeg, etc.) .  Then, we will give you a quote, and estimate time the project will start and finish.  After agreement, we will start working on the project.  We will send you the rendered products with watermark for approval with the invoice included.  Once you approved and make the payment, we will send you the link to download the original products.      

How long does it take for the project to finish?

For each floor plan, it takes 3 - 5 business day to finish.  If you make an order with multiple plans, it will take longer, depends on the quantity and complication of each floor plan.

How do I receive the project when completed?

We will upload the project on our drive and send you the link to download.  

How long does the download link available?

We will keep your file on our drive 3 months after project is finished.

What types of furniture do you provide?

We provide our standard furniture sets.  You can have a look and make your choice here.


Can I customize my own furniture style?

Yes, you can.  However it will resulted in longer time to finish, and higher cost.  

If I am not happy with the products, can I have them revived?

Yes, we will provide revival up to 3 times without cost for each plan.  After that, it will be extra cost for revival.  

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