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How To Decorate Model Apartments for Rental Properties

Your rental properties are clean and well-maintained. What about the decor, though? Does it seem homey and inviting, or is it boring and basic?

Well-designed model apartments are an essential part of good apartment marketing. Read on to learn why and discover seven must-try decorating tips.

Why Decor Matters

It doesn’t matter if you’re renting out a cute little studio or a massive penthouse apartment. Decor can make a big difference when it comes to closing the deal and getting people interested in renting your property.

Here are some of the main benefits good decor can offer:

● Decor helps renters visualize themselves living in the apartment

● Decorated apartments (usually) get rented out faster

● Good decorations help you highlight key selling points

Good decorations can also downplay potential problems. They might distract from things like poor lighting, older appliances, or a strange layout.

How to Decorate Model Apartments

Okay, you’re convinced that you need to take decor seriously. Now, let’s get into the specific steps you can take when decorating:

1. Keep It Clean

If the apartment is dirty, it doesn’t matter how cool the decorations look. Renters will have a harder time visualizing themselves living in a place that isn’t well-kept. They’ll also be less inclined to actually rent the property.

Before you start investing in decorations, take some time to clean up the property. Sweep and mop the floors, wash the windows, and dust the blinds and other surfaces throughout the apartment.

2. Know Your Audience

Think about who is most likely to rent your apartment. Are you renting out properties mainly to college students? Young professionals working in the city?

Your target audience will have an influence on the type of decor you choose. After all, a college student is going to have different tastes and be enticed by different things than a lawyer in their early 30s.

3. Choose the Right Colors

Once upon a time, property owners believed that painting the whole apartment or home white was the key to making it appealing to future tenants. Now, though, they’ve learned that there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of color to the unit.

Color can make properties more fun and more inviting.

In general, monochromatic color schemes (multiple shades of the same color) work best. They’re not too distracting, but they bring life into the property and make the apartment feel like a home.

4. Highlight the Selling Points

Every apartment has unique characteristics that will make renters more inclined to choose it over another option.

Identify the most unique, enticing parts of the apartment. Then, make those areas your top priorities and invest a little more in the decorations for them.

Does it have a nice big kitchen? Buy some cute kitchen towels or a set of matching plates and glasses for the table or bar.

Does the living room have a gorgeous brick fireplace? Buy a nice painting to hang over it or a cool clock to set on the mantel.

5. Let There Be Light

As a general rule, the more light you can get into an apartment, the better. Nobody wants to live in a place that feels dark and dreary, do they?

Play up the natural light in the apartment wherever you can. This means cleaning the windows and opening the blinds. In areas that are not as well-lit, invest in some high-quality LED light bulbs.

Be sure to choose lightbulbs with the right temperature for the room, too. Cool temperatures work well in living rooms, while warmer temperatures are better for bedrooms and kitchens, as they create a cozier feeling.

6. Upgrade the Entrance

The entryway is the first part of the apartment people are going to see when they walk in. Make it as nice as possible with a pretty picture, a rug, or some fresh flowers.

Decorating the entryway isn’t just about looks, though. Focus on function, too. For example, set up a small table with a bowl for people to drop their keys, or put a coat rack in the corner.

7. Keep It Simple

You might be tempted to go overboard with the decor at first. Decorations matter, of course, but don’t forget that less is more.

If you over-decorate your apartments and add too much furniture or too many pictures on the walls, it might be overwhelming to potential tenants.

Aim for simple, streamlined decor as much as possible. Then, add some extra flair and fun accents in the areas of the apartment that are the main selling points.

Step Up Your Apartment Marketing Today

Remember these decorating tips and you’ll have no trouble setting up great-looking model apartments and attracting renters.

Need more help marketing your properties? If so, we’re here to help.

Our 3D renderings are a great addition to your listings. They’ll help people envision themselves living in the apartment before they even visit!



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